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Fort Ogden Community Church has been supporting the church of El Ramon for over four years. We pay the pastor’s salary and her phone expenses.

Through gifts and donations from our congregation we have built a house for the pastor and rebuilt the church itself. We have bought the pastor’s husband a cart that is pulled by horse. We have also been sending the pastor to seminary. Our gifts provide $0.25 will feed one person. Merisol is very careful with the money and provides vegetarian meal for church members each Sunday. Meat is in short supply and not easy to come by. However, occasionally, she can provide some meat with the meal.

Through your help and God’s guidance, we can help pastor Merisol fill their soul with the word of God and then fill their stomachs at the same time.

Thanks be to God that we at Fort Ogden Community Church are being used by God to build His kingdom in another nation.

God is good. All this support could not be possible without your generous giving and the Grace of God. Before God chose us for El Ramon, these things were just dreams for them.

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